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Helpful Links

JiWire Wi-Fi useful links

iPhone Wi-Fi Finder. Access the world's most trusted Wi-Fi registry in a free and easy-to-use website or downloadable app for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch devices.

JiWire Global Wi-Fi Finder. JiWire Wi-Fi Finder: The largest Wi-Fi hotspot location directory with more than 250,000 free and paid WiFi hotspots in 135 countries. JiWire's WiFi Hotspot Finder makes it easy to locate wireless Internet access around the globe.

iPhone App. JiWire's iPhone App Makes It Easy to Find Wi-Fi Wherever You Go.

Submit a Hotspot on JiWire. JiWire maintains the world's largest registry of commercially operated and independent, free-access Wi-Fi hotspots. Site visitors are encouraged to use this form to submit their favorite free-access Wi-Fi hotspots for the benefit of our Wi-Fi user community. (Commercial network operators, please contact our partner development team to upload your list of locations).

WiFiFee Industries

WiFiFee. Information about providing WiFi as a resident amenity in MDUs, MTUs, condos, and timeshares to increase property revenues.

Hotels & Motels. Whether it's a brand new installation or an upgrade of your existing network, WiFiFee can provide your hotel or motel a total solution tailored to your brand's requirements for HSIA. We provide hospitality Wi-Fi services such as guest support, hardware installation and maintenance, proactive monitoring services, guest access and billing management, and more.

MDUs, Condos, & Timeshares. WiFiFee is the leader in MDU/MTU high-speed Internet access. We've done it all, from Wi-Fi and CAT5 access in high-end new construction to 175+ year-old apartment buildings to rustic mountain condos. WiFiFee can help you bring voice, video, and data to your MDU or we can even turn your existing triple play into a home run with by overlaying your existing system with Wi-Fi.

Airports and Malls. WiFiFee knows Airport and Shopping Center Wi-Fi. As our oldest customer, we've provided wall-to-wall coverage, authentication and billing, and customer support to Wi-Fi customers at Albany International Airport for over three years. Our new partnership with Boingo Wireless now means roaming access at over 100,000+ hotspots worldwide!

Municipalities. Looking for a public metro Wi-Fi network or secondary Internet backhauls for emergency response? WiFiFee can help. We've got extensive experience building and managing self-healing mesh networks that provide both public access and backup and emergency Internet for local police and fire first responders.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Retail. Offering Wi-Fi Internet access at your retail business can boost store traffic, increase off-peak business, and help you differentiate from the competition.

RV Parks, Campgrounds, & Marinas. With over ten RV resorts and Marinas in three states, WiFiFee can help you provide high-speed Wi-Fi access where others can't. We offer a flexible billing and authentication system that can be tailored to offer free access, pay as you go, or even premium high-bandwidth access at your RV resort, camp ground, or marina.

Lawn & Garden Centers. WiFiFee helps lawn and garden centers achieve wireless coverage for handheld POS access anywhere on their property. SBI Nursery Software is a complete business solution for wholesale growers, garden center retailers and landscape distribution centers. SBI offers wireless sales & handheld inventory control and also integrates with many other different types of software.

IEEE 802.11 Standard Interpretations

IEEE Standards Interpretations

Procedure for Requesting an Interpretation

Available IEEE Standards Interpretations Online

Industry Associations that have liaison relationships with Wi-Fi Alliance

CTIA - The Wireless Association - a partnership agreement with Wi-Fi Alliance to develop and promote certification programs for overlapping aspects of converged Wi-Fi/mobile handsets.

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) - DLNA requires Wi-Fi enabled devices that seek DLNA certification to also be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED.


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